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  • Index of New Fiction Publications by Ezeebooks
  • A near-future techno-thriller blending bio extraction of minerals, the gold standard and the changing world order with the political, military and industrial emergence of China as the world's leading superpower. With much of the story set in the volatile Red Sea region, this novel takes a fascinating look at what might be just around the corner...
  • A near-future techno-thriller set in the Eastern Mediterranean. Baldwin and and the psychopathic female terrorist MaruskaPavkovic go head to head again in this most poltically volatile of areas...
  • A North Korea fusion bomb test sets the backdrop to frantic diplomatic activity as outrageous demands by a powerful Islamist group throw the United Nations into panic. Suspense, intrigue, action and cyberwarfare make this a compelling read. Baldwin is back with a vengeance.
  • Terrorist Abu ben-Zhair is on the cusp of realising his vision to destroy the West and establish a Caliphate which rules half the world. Backed by almost unlimited funds from a Middle Eastern Sheikh, he has always delivered on his grandiose promises – and this one doesn’t come any bigger. Only two people have a bead on him, despite the intensive worldwide search. Steve Baldwin - ex-Royal Marines - and Maruška Pavkovic - a psychopathic assassin and lady of many names. They are sworn enemies and both are on his trail. Will ben-Zhair cause worldwide disaster while Baldwin and Pavkovic fight their own private battles?
  • 9 yrs old in an adult mental unit. Unwanted, misunderstood, this is a story of one boy's struggle to succeed as he moves from institution to institution. Uplifting and moving, helped by everyday kindnesses by ordinary people, eventually becoming an outstanding electrical engineer and radio expert. Based on a true story as recalled to James Marinero.
  • Index of New Pets Publications by Wavecrest
  • The complete guide to finding, training, nurturing and having fun with a springer spaniel
  • Kindle Edition. The complete guide to finding, training, nurturing and having fun with a springer spaniel
  • New Book 'Winning the Football Pools' - a proven winning system using statistics.
  • The answers to Seasonal Affective Disorder - what it is, what causes it and how to beat it. You can overcome this syndrome using a combination of therapies, natural remedies and lifestyle changes. eBook, 60+pages.
  • Reviews of books published by eZeeBooks
  • An index of press cuttings about eZeeBooks authors.
  • Articles by specialised writers with unique content
  • Is the concept of keywords dead? We search, Google records the stats - numbers, loiter time, self learning. Will it become so clever as to make the cocept of these magic words pass into web history?
  • A brief analysis of why software and systems projects fail. What is failure and what is success?
  • What-is-the-CMM-Model.html
  • A Brief overview of the key aspects of RUP and how it can be used effectively.
  • In an information systems or technology context, CPM ("contingent project management") is the ability to select a project management methodology to apply to and successfully deliver a project, tuning the process as the project proceeds. It is analogous to 'Contingent Leadership Style' but in a project context.
  • We search, Google records the stats - numbers, loiter time, self learning. Is it a neural network?
  • Gantt charts are a fundamental presentation tool in a project manager's toolkit. However, an unseasoned project manager can find that they can take over the project and result in reduced control. How so? In this article we will look at their potential pitfalls and provide some tips and strategies for ensuring successful project management. Gantt charts are, after all, just one of many ways of presenting the project planning and actual data that has been input.
  • Why banking security is threatened - the AES cipher is now breakable using a so-called fault-based cryptographic attack. A James Marinero research article for 'Gate of Tears'.
  • A selection of original and whimsical general interest articles
  • Index to Gadgets
  • Articles on health and dental issues, dental abroad
  • Dental abroad - dental tourism to Malta as a practical destination
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder - a summary of the symptoms causes, treatments and therapies
  • How Dietary Changes can Help Reduce the Effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder Northern equinox and the clocks go forward one hour tonight - that's always a good sign for me. With daylight now before...
  • Pet Therapy as Part of a Holistic Approach to Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder There is much research to support the theory that keeping a pet can help alleviate stress. Worrying and stress...
  • How to Avoid Supplements when you have Seasonal Affective Disorder ("SAD") Using supplements (for example St Johns Wort) is one way of alleviating the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder ("SAD")....
  • Index to internet marketing articles
  • Interesting takes on current events and other matters
  • Index to articles on the military worldwide
  • An overview of the world aircarft carrier fleet - tonnage, types, configuration and the future for carriers.
  • The People's Republic of China's Navy, known formally as the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has changed its historical inward-looking stance and is growing strongly in parallel with China's emergence as a global superpower. This growth is not necessarily a preparation to being an aggressor, but as a predictable 'gearing up' to defending its expanding trade routes, raw material imports and exports. This is a brief summary of its size and disposition.
  • An overview of Chinese cyberwarfare activities - organisation and examples.
  • An overview of the Israeli Defence Force Navy - history, theatres, bases and future outlook.
  • Index to articles about publishing - Print on Demand, Lightning Source and so on
  • Tips on making a progit on a POD novel - it's not alwasy as easy as it seems, especially if you have a high page count. Find out how you can increase your profit.
  • Why you need a design brief when you commission a designer to produce a book cover design - what you should include, Template.
  • Topical News
  • The newsprint paradigm is dying on its feet (or should that be 'on the presses'), and traditional news publishers are trying to find ways of managing the decline. Are e-readers the answer?
  • Topical item on class warfare
  • Views on the recent global warming data scandal at the University of East Anglia
  • Index to authoritative dog articles
  • This article addresses some of the initial choices you will need to make, and how you go about finding a breeder when you decide to become an owner of one of these terrific companions.
  • Springer Spaniel Health - Eye Problems. Five of the most common springer spaniel eye problems are described, including possible treatment.
  • Are Welsh and English springer spaniels excitable? What is their temperament and do they differ? Are they OK in a family environment?
  • Welsh Springer Spaniels appear to the casual observer to be just another variation of the English Springer. That's far from the truth. Yes, they differ in color, but their genetic history diverged a couple of centuries ago (at least), and there are several other subtle differences which we look at here
  • Springer Spaniel Ear Problems Springer Spaniels, like most dogs with long hairy ears, are prone to ear problems. This is no reason to avoid the breed - regular grooming and care of the ears mean that...
  • Is Your Springer in Good Shape? There are a few ways in which the physical characteristics of a springer spaniel can differ from the ideal show-dog standard. These include the overall shape and size,...
  • Hereditary Conditions In Springer Spaniels - they are generally quite healthy, though as with any living creature, there are hereditary conditions to which they are susceptible. Some...
  • 5 Tips for Springer Spaniel Exercise These ideas for springer spaniel exercise span the amount and types of exercise for pup and adult, and what exercise to avoid in young dogs. Remember that these...
  • English Springer Spaniel rescue centers focus on Springer Spaniels. However, you can find Springer Spaniels in so-called All-Breed rescue centers, but it...
  • Grooming English Springer Spaniels Grooming English Springer Spaniels is not hard to do and you can do it easily at home following these trimming tips which only take 15-20 minutes a month at most....
  • How to Find English Springer Spaniel Breeders There are upwards of a hundred English Springer Spaniel breeders in the UK and many more in the US. They are less abundant in other countries though, as...
  • How to House Train a Springer Spaniel Pup House training is probably the least enjoyable part of bringing a new puppy into your household. You need to get this first part right from day one as you...
  • Tips for Controlling Springer Spaniel Weight. Normal healthy springer spaniels dogs should not have a weight problem as they are active very active dogs. Springer spaniel weight problems can occur...
  • 15 Physical Checks When Buying an English Springer Spaniel Puppy Buying an English Springer Spaniel puppy is the first step on the long road of fun and companionship with these wonderful animals....
  • Springer Spaniels - Training Retrieval. Training springer spaniels to retrieve is a real pleasure. This is because 'fetching' is one of their very strong natural traits. You are not teaching them...
  • Springer Spaniel Field Trials - Springer Spaniel field trialling is outdoors competition for working springers, English or Welsh. The purpose of these competitions is to test the working abilities of...
  • Why Are Springer Spaniels Funny? English and Welsh Springer spaniels are widely known for being fun-loving animals. There are many pictures of these dogs 'springing' posted on websites. 'Springer'...
  • Why do English Springer Spaniels Make Great Pets and Companions? There are many positive things to write about English Springer Spaniels, but I am going to highlight the main reasons why this...
  • Should You Get A Springer Spaniel Rescue Dog? The right rescue dog can make a great pet and companion, but you before you decide to get one then you need to think about a few aspects. I've owned a...
  • Authoritative sports articles
  • Authoritative football articles
  • With any prediction systemyou must refine your skill and improve your forecast ability. For example, you may choose to adjust your forecasts to take account of injuries, team selections and end of season relegation or promotion battles. To improve your forecast performance, you need to know how well you are doing. It is easy to do!
  • Think about betting on a horse race or the result of one football match. Someone placing the bet is given the odds by the 'bookie' either over the counter, over the telephone or increasingly, online (we’ll ignore on-course betting as there is no real football equivalent). The quoted odds when the price is first set are built on the bookmaker’s view of the odds of a particular outcome - 1/2/3 or win, lose, draw. Remember, we’re looking at the simple comparison here, so fixed odds football betting is left to one side for now.
  • How to find the weekend football draws
  • Index to Articles on Relationships and Dating
  • Index of travel articles written by our authors
  • A pen portrait of Djibouti - a country situated on the Horn of Africa, next to the strategically important Gate of Tears (Bab el Mandeb), guarding the entrance to the Red Sea from the Indian Ocean via the Gulf of Aden. Twenty miles to the east, across the entrance to the Red Sea, lies the Yemen.
  • An index of articles on writing and being an author.
  • Can readers suspend belief when reading techno thrillers? When does a techno-thriller become science fiction? James Marinero explores the ideas here.
  • James Marinero explores ways in which he develops his complex plots in his techno thriller novels.
  • Collectors books - signed copies and special editions
  • Index of Press Releases from Ezeebooks UK
  • Press release subject Launch of Sicilian Channel by James Marinero
  • Press release subject Launch of Sword of Allah by James Marinero
  • New Thriller, Press Release, Gate of Tears by James Marinero.
  • Press release - the strategic importance of the Gate of Tears and the consequences for the West of an unfriendly government in Yemen following the revolution.
  • The UK Public Accounts Committee has bared its fangs over the disastrous decision last October to scrap the current UK aircraft carrier capability, leaving a gap whilst new carrier capability is constructed over the next ten years. More…
  • Press Release - The Springer Spaniel Companion now available on Kindle
  • Press release #002 Gate od Tears now published
  • Kindel version now released. Press release from Ezeebooks announcing publication of the Kindle version of Gate of Tears by James Marinero.
  • A detailed description of what features an em pulse gun in pistol form might have, using extracts from 'Gate of Tears'.
  • Press release about gold price forecasts. James Marinero has forecast a rise to $3,500 per ounce. Find out why gold prices are set to rise.
  • Chinese-Aircraft-Carrier-Trials.html
  • Press Rrelease August 16,2011. eZeeBooks to publish 'Susan's Brother', based on the life of Chris Robinson. Abused and institutionalised as a child in an adult mental hospital, Chris fights against all the odds to become a successful professional and counsellor. Susan's Brother will be published by eZeeBooks UK in Spring 2012.
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  • Tips on low cost marketing of your books
  • James Marinero put together a cheap and effective book display stand for counter top point-of-sale display. Less than $2, but really effective!
  • James Marinero - A Guest Article about how authors ca marketbooks using book research articles as a tool. Authors should sructure their research for easy access - this can then be used later for marketing. Here's how he does it.
  • James Marinero Guest Article - what his publisher is making him do to build his following using libraries.
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  • A typical design brief for a book cover, which forms the basis of the author or publisher's agreement with the book cover designer.
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