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Gate Of Tears Now On Kindle
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Southampton--August 5, 2011--Available now on Kindle

Gate of Tears - Focused On Yemen Reality - Now On Kindle

James Marinero worked for fifteen years as a milkman before he started his travels. James has degrees in Physics, Oceanography and Business Administration, and his books are based on science and travel. He has worked in many countries and many industries - in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Middle East, Scandinavia , and in industries and sectors from government to investment banking and futures trading . He has some great stories to tell, and his first is ‘Gate of Tears’, an up-to-the-minute (and beyond) techno-thriller. It's now available for download from the Kindle Store.

A key part of the plot involves the bio-extraction of gold from sea water, which is transported from the Red Sea through the strategic strait, Bab el Mandeb (Gate of Tears).

Fantastic? Not all!

James and his scientific background make it all work together in the plot, taking the reader from gold mines in Alaska and Australia to Afar tribespeople in Djibouti (Camp Lemonnier, the only US military base in Africa) and espionage in the Yemen, - and we all know what’s happening there, right now. But what of the future and China’s blue-water naval ambitions ? James’s novel explores the possibilities for the next ten years in this volcanically and politically volatile region.

About James Marinero

The sea has been in James’s blood since he was a boy. He now writes and lives much of the time on his boat, which he sails regularly from the UK to Spain, Portugal, Africa and beyond; he plans a return voyage to South America. His boat is currently in Sicily, as he completes his next novel, ‘Sicilian Channel’.

His unique and eclectic background and experience have equipped him really well to write thrillers which blend marine, science and travel themes into real suspenseful page-turners .

Available NOW on Kindle

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