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Grooming English Springer Spaniels

Grooming English Springer Spaniels is not hard to do and you can do it easily at home following these trimming tips which only take 15-20 minutes a month at most. Springers are easy to trim and keep tidy, unlike some other breeds. You will need a straight scissors, a thinning scissors and a wide tooth comb.

A brief word here on hygiene - disinfect the scissors before and after use.

Some owners use clippers, though they are not really necessary. Don't give your dog too short a haircut - he should look natural, as they are after all, a working breed and the coat is to keep them warm.

* Tidy the head first, by pulling out dead or loose hair with your fingers. Don't use scissors on the head.

* Thinning scissors can be used at the top of the ears, with a large tooth comb to help. Usually, the hair is thinned from to top of the ear down about a third of the way.

* For pups, only comb the lower part of the ear; older dogs may need some thinning. A slight trim round the lower ear flap may be needed.

* The inside of the ear flap is a delicate area - trim it carefully so that the ear lies flat against the head. This keeps his hearing clear. The hair around the ear canal should be trimmed to about ½" (1 cm). If you are nervous with the scissors near his ear canal, then a pair of small baby scissors might help.

* At the top of the neck, comb through the coat. Remove any dead hair with your finger and thumb, just as you did for the head.

* Under his chin, use the trimming scissors as far down as the breastbone, scissors pointing down. You will be cutting a strip about 6 inches wide (12cm), blending in at the edges of the shoulders.

* The feathering below the breastbone, and down between the front legs, may be trimmed if it becomes too thick and unruly.

* The sides and the top of the back are never cut or trimmed, just remove dead hair with your fingers. If your dog does not have a perfect coat in this area, then you will have to trim and thin as best you can.

* The feathering on the quarters, front legs and tummy, may require some shaping and thinning on older dogs.

* The paw should be trimmed to outline with straight scissors, and also trim the underside flat to the pads.

* The last step is the rear so that you don't have to clean your scissors during the trim. Tail first.

* Tidy up under the tail against his rump, to keep the area clean and clear. Trim under the tail close to the body, to help with cleanliness. You may wish to trim a bit more extensively in this area with a bitch.

That's it, all done. Give him a good brushing and maybe even a swim - he will have enjoyed the attention and feel freshened up. Disinfect your tools ready for the next time.

These are the main points about trimming - for showing your dog there will be a few more points to trim.

The writer has owned springer spaniels both rescue dog and pup alike. Grooming English Springer Spaniels is an important part of their care. You can discover more secrets about owning and caring for English springer spaniels at ==>




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