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Computing and Project Management Articles 



  • SEO – The Death of Keywords – Part 1
    Is the concept of keywords dead? We search, Google records the stats - numbers, loiter time, self learning. Will it become so clever as to make the cocept of these magic words pass into web history?
  • Why Do Projects Fail?
    A brief analysis of why software and systems projects fail. What is failure and what is success?
  • What is the CMM Model?
  • What is RUP (Rational Unified Process)?
    A Brief overview of the key aspects of RUP and how it can be used effectively.
  • What is Contingent Project Management?
    In an information systems or technology context, CPM ("contingent project management") is the ability to select a project management methodology to apply to and successfully deliver a project, tuning the process as the project proceeds. It is analogous to 'Contingent Leadership Style' but in a project context.
  • Is Google a Neural Network?
    We search, Google records the stats - numbers, loiter time, self learning. Is it a neural network?
  • Are You A Gantt Chart Slave?
    Gantt charts are a fundamental presentation tool in a project manager's toolkit. However, an unseasoned project manager can find that they can take over the project and result in reduced control. How so? In this article we will look at their potential pitfalls and provide some tips and strategies for ensuring successful project management. Gantt charts are, after all, just one of many ways of presenting the project planning and actual data that has been input.
  • Proximal Cryptographic Attacks
    Why banking security is threatened - the AES cipher is now breakable using a so-called fault-based cryptographic attack. A James Marinero research article for 'Gate of Tears'.