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How to Find English Springer Spaniel Breeders

There are upwards of a hundred English Springer Spaniel breeders in the UK and many more in the US. They are less abundant in other countries though, as particular countries have their own hunting dog preferences; the English Springer Spaniel is most popular in countries which were formerly a part of the then British Empire.

The best place to start looking for breeders is in the Kennel Club - many countries have one. Some Kennel Clubs have registration and accreditation schemes which set minimum business standards which the breeders must adhere to if they wish to keep their accreditation (as distinct from the Breed Standard). For example in England (quote from the Kennel Club site):

"The aim of the Kennel Club's Accredited Breeder Scheme is to promote good dog breeding practices and to help puppy owners find responsible breeders."

These good practices help to keep the breed standard steady (sadly, fashion can cause drift in standards) and to control the spread or continuance of hereditary conditions (such as canine fucosidosis in the English springer population).

In the United States, the Kennel Club will refer you to the Breed Club, who should be able to point you towards breeders in your area.

Other countries such as Australia, India and South Africa have Kennel Clubs and Breeder Accreditation schemes.

All these contacts are listed online and are easy to find.

Ideally, if a good bloodline and show-ring success is important to you, then you need to be dealing with an Accredited Breeder. On the other hand, you can get a perfectly good family pet, even a local show winner from an unaccredited English springer breeder, but extra care is needed in checking the breeder and selecting your pup. You will find that these breeders advertise in local newspapers and online. Read and compare the advertisements, and call a few on the phone. Many are reputable, but not all are.

There are breeders who fall under the general heading of "puppy farms". These are to be avoided if you want a pure pedigree English Springer Spaniel. Animal welfare is not at the top of their agenda and the incidence of hereditary condition may be higher in their breeding stock. Quite often, they will be keen to get a puppy into your hands - they know that it is harder to say no when you are holding one and your children are stroking it.

Depending on where you live, the nearest breeder could be quite a distance away, and your choice may therefore be limited. If at all possible, meet with a few breeders before making a decision, and don't be rushed by the fact that a breeder's litter is 'ready now'. You will have this pup in your family for a long time, and your children may grow up together with it, so the right decision is important - you will want the healthiest pup from the healthiest parents.

If you can arrange it, it is a good idea to find the breeders, visit a few, and then settle on a pup before you involve your children. Sure, the children can come along to collect the pup, but your decision will be easier if they are not involved in the process. Surprises are always nice for the children. Also, reputable breeders are not always happy to have children near their young pups, so that the pups are not disturbed by the inevitable noise and excitement.

One final point is that the best breeders are selective about who they pass their pups on to, and it could be that your environment is not what they see as appropriate for one of their pups. To minimise the chance of this, then some preparation is advisable before visiting the breeders.

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