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  • What's the Future for Aircraft Carriers?
    An overview of the world aircarft carrier fleet - tonnage, types, configuration and the future for carriers.
  • How Big Is The Chinese Navy?
    The People's Republic of China's Navy, known formally as the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has changed its historical inward-looking stance and is growing strongly in parallel with China's emergence as a global superpower. This growth is not necessarily a preparation to being an aggressor, but as a predictable 'gearing up' to defending its expanding trade routes, raw material imports and exports. This is a brief summary of its size and disposition.
  • Chinese Cyberwar Overview
    An overview of Chinese cyberwarfare activities - organisation and examples.
  • What Shape Is The Israeli Navy In?
    An overview of the Israeli Defence Force Navy - history, theatres, bases and future outlook.