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  • How Good Is Your Football Results Forecasting?
    With any prediction systemyou must refine your skill and improve your forecast ability. For example, you may choose to adjust your forecasts to take account of injuries, team selections and end of season relegation or promotion battles. To improve your forecast performance, you need to know how well you are doing. It is easy to do!
  • How Does Football Pools Betting Differ From Other Sports Betting?
    Think about betting on a horse race or the result of one football match. Someone placing the bet is given the odds by the 'bookie' either over the counter, over the telephone or increasingly, online (we’ll ignore on-course betting as there is no real football equivalent). The quoted odds when the price is first set are built on the bookmaker’s view of the odds of a particular outcome - 1/2/3 or win, lose, draw. Remember, we’re looking at the simple comparison here, so fixed odds football betting is left to one side for now.
  • Football Draw Prediction
    How to find the weekend football draws



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