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Why do English Springer Spaniels Make Great Pets and Companions?

There are many positive things to write about English Springer Spaniels, but I am going to highlight the main reasons why this pedigree breed make great pets and companions. Many people do not realise that having a pet in the family is an important part of raising well balanced children. Even if you don't have a family, there are many reasons why a Springer could be good for you too.

Teaching Care

Caring for a pet through thick and thin, having responsibility for feeding another living creature prepares your children for the time when they will have children of their own. The lifespan of a Springer is in the range 10-15 years and they go through their lives from beginning to end whilst your children are still growing up.

Stress Buster

Of course, if your family has grown up or you live alone for other reasons, then a dog is great company. Research has demonstrated that owning a pet, particularly a cat or dog, has the effect of reducing stress, and depressive tendencies. Therefore, having 'someone to care for' provides real and tangible health benefits.


Springers are loyal and affectionate and will defend the family staunchly when they sense a threat; however, they are not aggressive and can be trusted around children. The one exception to this is that they can occasionally become aggressive in the company of other dogs of the same sex, but this would be directed against the other dogs.

Fun Lovers

They are generally very happy dogs and love having fun. This is good for adults as well as children and my Springers made me laugh each and every day. They did make me angry at times too, for example when they came back covered in mud. After I cooled off though, I just had to laugh. Their love of fun can make them a bit boisterous.

Retrieving Fun

English Springers will hunt and retrieve for hours on end - they love a game of hide and seek with an old sock or glove - and this leads to loads of fun and a rich seam of photographs for the family album. They will always find a stick and proudly carry it around all day - this behaviour is deeply ingrained in their genes.

Not Like Other Pets

Unlike a gecko, a cat or an aquarium of tropical fish, dogs are much more interesting. They have distinctive personalities, and the English Springer is a very smart dog.

Family Exercise

These days, when we use an automobile to go anywhere, walking the dog is an important health discipline for us as well as the Springer.

Moderate Feed Bills

As medium sized dogs, they weigh a lot less than Labradors or Golden Retrievers. Consequently, their feeding requirements are a lot less and hence they cost less to feed (typically $7-10 a week).


This medium size (an adult English Springer weighs about 50 lbs or 25 kg) means that they can easily be carried in a compact automobile, whereas a Golden Retriever would fill the rear seat by himself.

Good Health

Finally, they enjoy reasonably good health and are not susceptible to very many hereditary conditions. This means that veterinarians' bills need not be excessive. With average luck, the bills can be kept to vaccinations and annual checkups.

So, all in all, quite a wide range of reasons why an English springer spaniel makes a great pet and companion.

The author has owned English and Welsh Springer spaniels, pups and rescue dogs. Discover a lot more about English Springer Spaniels and how to find and care for one of these great dogs. Go now to => and get a 10 lesson mini-course on Springers in your inbox starting straight away, at no cost.




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