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Should You Get A Springer Spaniel Rescue Dog?

The right rescue dog can make a great pet and companion, but you before you decide to get one then you need to think about a few aspects. I've owned a great Springer Spaniel rescue dog and he was perfect for me and my family, but what are your personal circumstances - do you have a family or live with just your wife or husband, or even maybe alone? How much time do you have for a pet, and do you have space for a dog? These questions and more are discussed here and will help you decide.

Firstly, the Springer Spaniel makes a great pet and companion - they are friendly, intelligent and affectionate, they are compact in size, so will easily fit into a small car or truck cab and they are not expensive to keep, with food costing maybe $7-10 a week (£4-7). They are generally healthy (though do have some weaknesses to watch out for), so veterinarian bills should not be a strain in the normal course of events.

They love to walk and retrieve, so they will be good for your health, too.

So, what about rescue dogs? Well the main drawbacks are:

* You do not know their background, therefore they cannot be showdogs (it's unlikely they will have any pedigree documentation).

* You cannot breed a pedigree from them.

* They may have been abused so they could have personality issues (fear, aggression).

* It may take a few days or weeks before any other physical or personality problems become obvious (though the rescue center will have an idea about these).

* They might have come from a poor bloodline with hereditary weakness which might not show up till later in life.

* There could be some training difficulties, or perhaps none at all, depending on the dog's background and whether you want him as a family pet or as a working dog.

On the other hand:

* You can give him a name you like as his (or her) name is probably unknown.

* They are likely to cost a lot less to buy than a pedigree pup.

* You don't have to go through the difficulties of house training him.

* You will be saving one more unwanted dog.

* Rescue dogs can be very appreciative of a decent home, especially springers who are very sociable and affectionate.

If you do want a Springer Spaniel, then a rescue dog is a reasonable option. If you have young children, you will need to be completely satisfied that the dog has no major personality problems; certainly I had three very young daughters when Jasper came into the household from a police pound, and he was a joy to us all.

They are energetic dogs and great fun, so you will need to have enough space in the yard for them, and the time (45 minutes a day) to give them a decent walk. Whilst being energetic, they are still fine company if you are middle aged and looking for a companion, provided you can give them that bit of exercise (or use a dog walker).

As a family pets and companions, Springers are ideal, and a much better choice than many other rescue dogs.

The author has owned both English and Welsh Springer spaniels over the years, including a Springer Spaniel rescue dog. Find out more about Springer Spaniel rescue dogs and a whole lot more about these great dogs at ==>




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