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Super Power Clash in Middle East
New Thriller Looks Into The Near Future

Southampton--July 29, 2011--This acutely plotted new thriller is by James Marinero. 'Gate of Tears' pits an Australian mining magnate against the gold markets and China in the strategic oil strait of the Gate of Tears (Bab el Mandeb). Charles Tobin's mining conglomerate is using a genetically engineered bacterium to extract gold from seawater on a vast scale. Advanced techno-espionage and code-breaking are widespread. China, with its 'Golden Shield' Intelligence program has the secret, and attempts to manipulate the world gold market whilst the Chinese military are installing 'carrier-busting' ballistic missiles in the Yemen and rocket propelled mines in the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, there is a traitor in MI6 and major political problems for the UK's Prime Minister. Baldwin (ex Royal Marines) is expendable and set up for the fall. Maruska Pavkovic, a ruthless psychopathic lesbian terroist working for the Chinese, is on his trail.

Finally, NATO, Israeli and Chinese forces confront each other in the Gate of Tears, the strategic oil chokepoint at the entrance to the Red Sea.

Up to the minute, and beyond, the story takes a look at possible implications of Britain's latest Strategic Defence Review, and where it might lead in the face of Chinese expansionism in commerce, trade and blue-water naval ambitions.

From Alaska to Australia, China to the Yemen, James Marinero uses his scientific background (physics and oceanography), with his software experiences in the City's futures markets and nautical passion to weave a fascinating tale for lovers of techno-thrillers.

wavecrest is a micro-publisher taking the 'tech' out of publishing, for authors who want to write and not spend time on nerdy IT fiddling.

The Editor, Phil Marks

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