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Wavecrest Publications (UK) now incorporates eZeebooks UK.

We are  a micro-publisher - hard copy and ebooks. If you are aspiring to get your book into print, then check out our article on how to make a profit with print on demand books.


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Of course, ‘printed’ is an old term. As we move forward, there will be less and less in the form of hard-copy materialization of news, information and other formerly ‘printed’ material.

Recently however, we are finding that the trend is reversing and hard copy is actually undergoing a revival.



So, if do you love the hard printed word, then we have that here too - new publications which we are producing using the latest Print on Demand technology.

And if you are a new author looking for a publisher, we can help you, not by ripping you off, but with good advice on production and marketing; we can link you up with editors and graphics designers so that you get the optimum outcome for your aspirations. We get enquiries from people with great stories to tell, but who need a ghostwriter - we can help you with that too. Take the 'tech' out of publishing, with us! 

We also produce book video trailers.

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