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eZeeBooks To Publish James Marinero's 'Susan's Brother'
Nine years and an inmate in an adult mental institution

Southampton --August 16, 2011--eZeeBooks is delighted to announce that they will be publishing James Marinero's novel 'Susan's Brother', based on the life of Chris Robinson.

In 1957, at the age of 9, Susan’s brother was in an adult unit in a Home Counties mental hospital - a unit treating very seriously ill mental patients. In 1985, Susan’s brother took delivery of an Aston Martin DBS.

The intervening 28 years hold a remarkable story about a man who grew and prospered as a successful engineering professional, but started out as a dyslexic ‘slow starter’, abused and unwanted by his parents and sister.

Set in a Middle England which is recovering from the war, damaged buildings and infrastructure have to be repaired, but also damaged people and damaged lives.

This is based on a true history, a history that gives hope, a history that demonstrates how simple acts of kindness by friends and neighbours can help someone overcome tremendous handicaps, identity denial and family abuse to become a success both as a person and a parent.

There is also a message about those who learn to abuse as children and continue that abuse into adulthood with their own children, and also about those in the extended family who turn a blind eye out of a misplaced sense of family loyalty.

Several public personalities (some notorious), and Carl Jung, the eminent Swiss psychiatrist, are among those who briefly feature in the life of Susan's brother.

This book has some dark moments, but it is a book written to uplift. As it was related to James, by Susan’s brother:

“I want this book to show that ordinary people, doing ordinary things, can help someone get through the most appalling difficulties. If it wasn’t for the Tolhursts, I wouldn’t be here today”

'Susan's Brother' will be published by eZeeBooks UK in April 2012.

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