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  • Publications - Fiction
    Index of New Fiction Publications by Ezeebooks
  • Gate of Tears
    A near-future techno-thriller blending bio extraction of minerals, the gold standard and the changing world order with the political, military and industrial emergence of China as the world's leading superpower. With much of the story set in the volatile Red Sea region, this novel takes a fascinating look at what might be just around the corner...
  • Sicilian Channel
    A near-future techno-thriller set in the Eastern Mediterranean. Baldwin and and the psychopathic female terrorist MaruskaPavkovic go head to head again in this most poltically volatile of areas...
  • Sword of Allah
    A North Korea fusion bomb test sets the backdrop to frantic diplomatic activity as outrageous demands by a powerful Islamist group throw the United Nations into panic. Suspense, intrigue, action and cyberwarfare make this a compelling read. Baldwin is back with a vengeance.
  • Cause of All Causes
    Terrorist Abu ben-Zhair is on the cusp of realising his vision to destroy the West and establish a Caliphate which rules half the world. Backed by almost unlimited funds from a Middle Eastern Sheikh, he has always delivered on his grandiose promises – and this one doesn’t come any bigger. Only two people have a bead on him, despite the intensive worldwide search. Steve Baldwin - ex-Royal Marines - and Maruška Pavkovic - a psychopathic assassin and lady of many names. They are sworn enemies and both are on his trail. Will ben-Zhair cause worldwide disaster while Baldwin and Pavkovic fight their own private battles?
  • Susan's Brother
    9 yrs old in an adult mental unit. Unwanted, misunderstood, this is a story of one boy's struggle to succeed as he moves from institution to institution. Uplifting and moving, helped by everyday kindnesses by ordinary people, eventually becoming an outstanding electrical engineer and radio expert. Based on a true story as recalled to James Marinero.
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    Index of New Pets Publications by Wavecrest
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