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Recent Auto/Biography Book Reads and Reviews


 Beyond the Blossoming Fields

By Junichi Watanabe

Based on the true story of the first Japanese woman doctor; how she stuggled to overcome disease, rigic societal structure and misogyny to become a beacon for Japanese women's suffrage.

Absolutely fascinating - no thrills and spills but I couldn't put it down.

Not strictly biography, closer to 'faction'.



 Autobiogrpahy of a Supertramp

by W H Davies

I was introduced to this by my English teacher 40years ago. A classic tale of an educated Welshman who went to the US and became a hobo, losing a leg in the process. The life of the hobo was captured in the songs of Woody Guthrie, but W H Davies has more stories and more time to relate them.

Recently, I read it again. Capture the essence of riding the trains across the US!