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Book Cover Design Brief

Book Cover Design Brief: 'Gate of Tears' 


Version No: 2.3 28-Feb-2011            


Book Title: 


'Gate of Tears '






James Marinero 




Thriller/Techno-Thriller (fiction)


Brief Description:


‘A near-future techno-thriller blending bio extraction of minerals, the gold standard and the changing world order with the political, military and industrial emergence of China as the world's leading superpower. With much of the story set in the volatile Red Sea region, this novel takes a fascinating look at what might be just around the corner... '


Themes (roughly in order of content weight):


The Red Sea, Gold Mining (Australia and Alaska), genetic engineering, Royal Marines, Chinese Intelligence Service and Naval Power, Serbian terrorism, Yemeni, Djiboutian and Oil politics (currently topical), sailing, Somali piracy (topical).


Principal characters:


Maruška Pavkovic – female Serbian terrorist 

Steve Baldwin – ex-Royal Marine, sailing own boat in Red Sea

Charles Tobin – Australian owner of a gold mining conglomerate



Book Specification


Format & Size:

Paperback, 127mmx203mm (5x8) trim size.

No. of Pages 366 TBC

Cover Price £8.99

ISBN-13: 978-0-9568426-0-2 


Paper colour: Lightningsource white stock

Binding: Lightningsource Perfect Bound Paperback


Publication Date:

2 May 2011




A Kindle format eBook will be released later (diffferent ISBN).


Cover Design Requirement


1. Rough sketches of 2 or 3 ‘design concepts’ and cost quotes to be provided for discussion.

2. Full colour front, spine and rear cover design files, appropriate for the genre.

3. Price, Barcode and ISBN-13 to be included.

4. Cover should meet Lightningsource template specifications and file naming conventions.

5. All production files and layers to be provided to publisher on completion of assignment.

6. Availability 2 weeks pre-publication.

7. Delivery: All files to be provided by email (or ftp download).

8. Rights: Publisher owns all rights, except third party images, if applicable.

9. Designer Credit: a designer credit – name, plus website or email address – may be included on the rear cover. 8 point font size max.

10. The obvious basic requirement is to stand out from the crowd and capture the eye.

11. One additional Book Cover Image (front+spine+back) at full size resolution 300 dpi in jpeg format for website/marketing.

12. Rear cover to include ‘blank area’ for 3 x 4 line reviews. Reviews may not be available at time of initial publication, this box will be used for Author pic and bio.

13. 650 px front cover high image required for Nielsen PubData catalogue.

14. 1280 px (height) 72 dpi front cover image for Kindle ebook version.

15. Author website to be shown.

16. Publisher website to be shown.

17. Spine to show Publisher logo.


Images for Design



Specific Images to be used: None specified, other than rear cover author pic.

Image categories could include a naval ship/carrier, a yacht, an aeroplane (F35), gold bars, globe/location depictor, Somali pirate(s).

Images to be royalty free (see Budget section).


Style/Theme Colours


There are no specific style requirements, beyond genre suitability. Many techno-thrillers tend to have dark colorings, so some distinction maybe with blues/yellows (sea/sand) may be appropriate to offset any dark themes.


Nice to Have


A design which works well for eBook formats, but the best design for paperbook is more important and overrides.




To be agreed, fixed, before commissioning. A separate budget limit for Images will be agreed as appropriate.




All rights in the work to be held by wavecrest UK. 



Prepared by: Phil Marks, Editor, wavecrest UK


End of Brief